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Dear Tech Enthusiasts,

Our services includes Digital training of world class IT training skills like Cybersecurity, software development with Linux Operating System, IT networking and Communication, Computer Hardware Installation, Troubleshooting And Repair, Graphics Design, UI/UX and web Development (front end and full stack).

In today’s world computer and ICT has become an integral part of the business sector for professional activities not only for professional activities but for personal activities also. As technologies have evolved networking came into the picture and slowly from initial wired network technology we moved to this wireless network technology. Now if we will think then we can know that networking impacts everything.

Our competence is cybersecurity which is a subset of information technology associated with safeguarding computer systems and information. Why is cybersecurity important? There are many types of cybersecurity threats, including theft, hacking, viruses, and more. The computer security field has grown as more devices become internet- enabled and more services are moved online. Cyberattacks may result in stolen credit card information, personal details, and other sensitive data. Security breaches typically occur when organizations’ and companies’ data centers are compromised. They can impact banks, retail stores, online websites, and anywhere else consumers use their digital information. Hackers also use fraudulent emails and social media to access sensitive data from end-users. IT and cybersecurity experts are responsible for assessing security risks in order to better protect customers.

Starting from day to the end of the day everyone uses Internet for their work and this internet is nothing but vast network that connects computers all over the world. So now I think we have understood importance of computer networks in our daily life. Computer networking has its various functionalities, goals, and advantages and disadvantages with it but importance of it is truly unique. Let us go into little bit detail and know about importance of computer networks to great extent. Importance of Computer Networking;

In the world of Information Technology (IT) information is building block for effective communication. Communication is medium that helps us to drive our day to day professional and personal operations. Where computer networking acts as base of everything as the best and most important IT solutions. Below is list of points that we do with the help of

computer networks, or things that we get benefited with the help of


computer networks or it has become possible or effective due to computer network. Let us know all points and after that, we can understand importance of computer networking.

Our services encapsulated in the following:

5. Cybersecurity

6. LinuxOperatingSystem/Softwaredevelopment

7. IT Networking, Computer Hardware Installation, Troubleshooting And Repair

We have records of training the youths and young women in ICT skills in then past.

As computing systems and capabilities continue expanding worldwide, data overload has become an increasingly critical issue for many IT professionals. Efficiently processing huge amounts of data to produce useful business intelligence requires large amounts of processing power, sophisticated software, and human analytic skills.

In CUBE E-LEARNING Teamwork and communication skills have also become essential for most businesses to manage the complexity of IT systems. As a professional ICT Company we are responsible for providing service to business users who are not trained in computer networking or other information technologies but who are interested in simply using IT as a tool to get their work done efficiently.

System and network security issues are a primary concern for many business executives, as any security incident can potentially damage a company's reputation and cost large sums of money.

Our organization currently runs different projects aimed at achieving its objectives.

With nearly 200 graduates every year, this school continues to serve the purpose of empowering youths; The foundation is a highly digitalized one with much emphasis on using technological tools to run our operations as well as facilitating regular trainings on modern-day approach to ICT education for both staff and students.

Training programs GOALS is:

 To train a world class ICT expert in the field of Cybersecurity,

software development with Linux Operating System, IT Networking and Communication, Computer Hardware Installation, Troubleshooting And Repair

 To establish Computer Training Centres in rural communities specializing in the use of ICT to support education of youths and


willing adults, and the management of affordable ICTs with relevant local content and for intellectual development

 To adopt a holistic approach that will cover range of issues on ICT, creating effective and sustainable uses for technology that are integrated into local society.