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Our courses are taught through a combination of interactive video lectures, hands-on exercises, quizzes, and real-world projects. Our instructors are experienced professionals who focus on making complex tech concepts easy to understand.   1. What are the entry requirements? The NHS has not imposed specific prerequisites for Healthcare Assistants but you must at least possess: ● Good literacy and numeracy skills ● Satisfactory General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE or equivalent) grades in English and Maths   2. What training will you need? Your HCA training must include basic nursing skills and it should enable you to acquire a Care Certificate, the UK credential that was launched in 2015. You will need to satisfy the 15 criteria set out in  the Care Certificate: ● Understanding the HCA role ● Personal development ● Duty of care ● Understanding the importance of equality and diversity ● Conducting person-centred care ● Communicating with your patients ● Respecting your patients’ dignity and privacy ● Providing suitable fluids and nutrition ● Awareness of mental health, including learning disabilities and dementia ● How to safeguard adult patients ● How to keep the children under your care safe ● Basic life support skills ● Health and safety knowledge ● How to handle critical patient information ● Preventing and controlling potential infections Caregivers Plus In addition, intended to train new HCA workers to acquire the necessary skills.

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